How git changed my commit behavior

Posted on Fri 11 October 2013 in Opinion • Tagged with git, vcs, commit

Git is my version control system of choice nowadays. Its feature set fits extremely well with my usual software development workflow, and there are so many aspects of git that I could write about, but this particular blog post is about commit behavior.

There is nothing religious about this post …

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Suck it up and be a noob

Posted on Mon 17 September 2012 in Opinion • Tagged with angularjs, pain

This is a whine post, but I really need to get it out of my system. Apologies in advance!

I’ve battled with Angular for a while now. It’s a JavaScript framework that allows you to write rich client-side applications in very short time with goodies such as two-way …

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Your decisions are likely to suck

Posted on Wed 25 April 2012 in Opinion • Tagged with agile, decision making, decisions

I apologize in advance for being blunt! And it’s not really as bad as the title suggests. But my point is that every decision you make, whether it’s about a small piece of isolated code or the architecture as a whole, may not stand the test of time …

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Posted on Thu 06 October 2011 in Opinion • Tagged with algorithm, complexity, infrastructure

A colleague made me aware of this post by Ryan Dahl, the author of Node.js, where he complains that most software is overly complicated, that the whole software situation is messed up and that all that matters is the end user experience. In a response to his own post …

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