Presenting diskgraph

Posted on Wed 28 December 2011 in Tools

My server case is full of disks, and many of them are pretty small, like 250 GB. I would like to upgrade the boot disk from a USB stick to a proper SSD disk, but that requires me to replace a number of the smaller disks with something bigger. To be able to do that, I need to know what purpose each of the disks serve. While this is pretty easy to do by checking /proc/mdstat and running various LVM commands, it would be nicer if I could get a graph that shows what all disks are for.

Enter diskgraph!

When run, diskgraph produces a PNG file that contains a graph of disks, partitions, RAID arrays and LVM entities (physical volumes, volume groups and logical volumes). Part of the graph for my server looks like this:


The graph is created using pydot. I will probably add some features in the near future:

  • Graph colors to distinguish entities of different type.
  • Nodes that show free space in, for example, LVM volume groups.

Let me know what you think!