Adventures in updating hard drive firmware

Posted on Fri 06 January 2012 in Sysadmin • Tagged with boot, firmware, iso, linux

I decided to update the firmware of two of my hard drives. The drives in question are both Seagate Barracuda 7200.11, model ST3500320AS, and smartctl gave me the following warning:

==> WARNING: There are known problems with these drives,
see the following Seagate web pages: …

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Getting network interfaces in Python

Posted on Fri 30 December 2011 in Sysadmin • Tagged with linux, network interfaces, Python

Here’s a small Python script/module I put together to list all network interfaces on the current server (tested on Linux only!) in a format that easily lets me convert between name, index and address of an interface.

The code is based on from pydlnadms, but I …

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New features in diskgraph

Posted on Thu 29 December 2011 in Tools • Tagged with diskgraph, linux

I added some new features to diskgraph, and bumped the version to 1.1. New things:

  • Graph nodes now have colors depending on their type.
  • Nodes that represent free space are included in the graph. Only free space >= 5 MB is shown, though.
  • Mounted file systems are shown in the …

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Presenting diskgraph

Posted on Wed 28 December 2011 in Tools • Tagged with diskgraph, linux

My server case is full of disks, and many of them are pretty small, like 250 GB. I would like to upgrade the boot disk from a USB stick to a proper SSD disk, but that requires me to replace a number of the smaller disks with something bigger. To …

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