1. Coding

    How Enumerable.Concat brought down a production server

  2. The mysteriously escaped request path in ASP.NET

  3. Opinion

    How git changed my commit behavior

  4. Coding

    Why I hate implicit return in CoffeeScript

  5. Tricked by the IDE, broke the build

  6. Opinion

    Suck it up and be a noob

  7. Coding

    One assertion per test, please

  8. Tools

    A Chrome extension for easy ID linking

  9. Sysadmin

    Changing the user profile path in Windows 7

  10. Tools

    Offline repository sync using git bundle

  11. Coding

    Regular expression multiline mode - what's a newline?

  12. Testing asynchronous background workers in .NET

  13. Opinion

    Your decisions are likely to suck

  14. Coding

    Abusing XML literals in VB.NET

  15. Swedish to not-so-Swedish through diacritics removal

  16. Mocking __iter__ with a magic mock in Python

  17. Nothing surprises me in VB.NET

  18. NSubstitute vs Moq - a quick comparison

  19. Tools

    Using Git locally within a Subversion branch

  20. Sysadmin

    LVM recipe: determine which physical volume(s) a logical volume is located on

  21. Coding

    Node.js experimentation - a GitHub clone script

  22. Strongly typed properties in Java vs C#

  23. Generic extension method with multiple constraints

  24. Playing with Java annotation processing

  25. Sysadmin

    Adventures in updating hard drive firmware

  26. Coding

    Generator combined with with/using statement - Python vs C#

  27. Sysadmin

    Certificate error when upgrading to Oneric

  28. Getting network interfaces in Python

  29. Tools

    New features in diskgraph

  30. Presenting diskgraph

  31. Coding

    Mocking iteration over file in Python

  32. Split on separator but keep the separator, in Python

  33. Function return value caching in F#

  34. A Maven POM for building JSR335 code

  35. Some notes on building Project Lambda to test closures and defender methods in Java

  36. Forcing a .NET application to use a 4.0 CLR

  37. Sysadmin

    How to get the serial number of a badly failed disk

  38. A convoluted way to list controllers per block device in Linux

  39. Coding

    Serializing non-qualified attributes with ElementTree

  40. Tools

    OpenCover in Jenkins

  41. Code demo using git, part 2

  42. Uniprocessor HAL to multiprocessor HAL in Windows

  43. My .screenrc

  44. Code demo using git

  45. Opinion


  46. Sysadmin

    When security gets in your face

  47. Coding

    On discovering Test-Driven Development

  48. Test data provider using Python metaclass

  49. Mocking Zope interfaces

  50. Debugging Java focus problems using the focus log