Git-diffing Excel files, part 2

Posted on Tue 02 January 2018 in Tools • Tagged with git, diff, excel

I previously wrote about how to get a useful diff for binary Excel files that reside in a Git repository.

This post adds some details that are big enough to deserve a separate post. They are:

  • User-level configuration of Excel diffing.
  • How to get an Excel diff from git show …

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Git-diffing Excel files

Posted on Fri 04 March 2016 in Tools • Tagged with git, diff, excel

In this post, I’m going to demonstrate how to get a useful diff for binary Excel files that reside in a Git repository. I assume that you’re familiar with Git, and in that case you know that having binary files in a repository is generally not a good …

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A Chrome extension for easy ID linking

Posted on Sat 21 July 2012 in Tools • Tagged with chrome, extension, linktoid

Occasionally I want to link to specific section of a web page. Previously, I would bring up the source of the web page to see if there was a named anchor tag for the section in question, then I would manually add the anchor name as the URL fragment. Recently …

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Offline repository sync using git bundle

Posted on Mon 11 June 2012 in Tools • Tagged with bundle, git

Keeping git repositories in sync is usually and easily done using git pull and git push. However, for those rare times when you don’t have network connectivity (or limited connectivity) and still need to transfer the contents of a repository to somewhere else, there’s git bundle.

The bundle …

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Using Git locally within a Subversion branch

Posted on Thu 19 January 2012 in Tools • Tagged with git, subversion

I’m not a big fan of Subversion but I’m madly in love with Git! So much that when I have to use Subversion, I create a Git repository within my locally checked out Subversion branch. This is really easy to do, and only takes four simple steps:

  1. Navigate …

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New features in diskgraph

Posted on Thu 29 December 2011 in Tools • Tagged with diskgraph, linux

I added some new features to diskgraph, and bumped the version to 1.1. New things:

  • Graph nodes now have colors depending on their type.
  • Nodes that represent free space are included in the graph. Only free space >= 5 MB is shown, though.
  • Mounted file systems are shown in the …

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Presenting diskgraph

Posted on Wed 28 December 2011 in Tools • Tagged with diskgraph, linux

My server case is full of disks, and many of them are pretty small, like 250 GB. I would like to upgrade the boot disk from a USB stick to a proper SSD disk, but that requires me to replace a number of the smaller disks with something bigger. To …

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OpenCover in Jenkins

Posted on Mon 24 October 2011 in Tools • Tagged with ci, coverage, pain

I just updated my Jenkins job for TestNess to use OpenCover to measure code coverage.

Previously, I used PartCover. The setup of PartCover was quite painful. The first error came when I tried to build the source code from a directory path that contained a space. Then, I ran into …

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Code demo using git, part 2

Posted on Mon 17 October 2011 in Tools • Tagged with git demo

In my first post about using Git for doing a code demo, I mentioned in passing that making local changes during the demo can mess things up. I thought I’d mentioned some more about cleaning up local changes.

The cherry-pick method

Cleaning up local changes when using the cherry-pick …

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Uniprocessor HAL to multiprocessor HAL in Windows

Posted on Mon 17 October 2011 in Tools • Tagged with hal, multiprocessor, windows

The other day, I decided to “upgrade” my virtual Windows 2003 server by doubling the memory size and adding an extra CPU. The memory was not an issue, of course, but the extra CPU turned out to be. Although Device Manager picked up the correct number of CPUs under Processors …

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