Tricked by the IDE, broke the build

Posted on Tue 18 September 2012 in Coding • Tagged with fail,, csharp, vs2010

Over the last year, I’ve written a fair amount of Visual Basic .NET code for a customer project. As a result, I know a lot more VB.NET than I would like to, and I’ve run into a number of peculiar behaviors, such as this one. In this …

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Abusing XML literals in VB.NET

Posted on Wed 25 April 2012 in Coding • Tagged with, format strings, xml literals

One of the things I do like about VB.NET is XML literals. Given that XML is so common, it’s really a great idea! Here’s a tiny example:

Dim x = <p>Some test.</p>

I thought I’d write about how XML literals can be abused to create …

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Nothing surprises me in VB.NET

Posted on Tue 27 March 2012 in Coding • Tagged with nothing, null,

I currently work in a VB.NET project with a customer, and what amazes me is that I over and over again get the feeling that the language is designed to be easy to work with, but at the same time there are so many aspects of it that behave …

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